15 Everyday Habits That Burn 100 Calories

Checking off your to-do list: wildly satisfying and good for your health? Yep. Feel great about these 15 things you’re already doing. Each activity burns around 100 calories–you know, depending on your age, weight and how fast you dance to Rihanna.

Washing the dishes for 40 minutes. Go for some old-school elbow grease.

Styling your hair for 35 minutes. The blow-dryer alone is a two-pound weight.

Rearranging furniture for 30 minutes. Your couch looked weird in the corner anyway.

Carrying an infant for 25 minutes. Fingers crossed she isn’t crying for all 25.

Talking on the phone for 35 minutes. Well, while pacing around the living room.

Dancing for 20 minutes. Admit it: You love that new Rihanna jam.

Walking anywhere for 20 minutes. Yes, that includes your afternoon Starbucks trip.

Giving the house a thorough dusting for 25 minutes. So that’s what your ceiling fan should look like…

Cooking a taco feast for 40 minutes. Bonus points for additional veggie chopping.

Shopping for 60 minutes. Treat yo self.

Gardening for 25 minutes. May flowers, anyone?

Vacuuming for 30 minutes. Crumbs from last night’s dinner are no match for you.

Ironing clothes for 40 minutes. Lookin’ sharp, sister.

Walking the dog for 25 minutes. Earn major points with little Scooby.

Giving the dog a bath for 25 minutes. Fun? Not really. Necessary and calorie-burning? Yes, ma’am.

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