4 Workouts for When You Need to Get Rid of Bad Energy

While we love our reliable neighborhood yoga spot, sometimes we need an industrial-strength workout to give us a new feeling of inspired energy. Here are four next-level studios where bad vibes don’t stand a chance, perfect for when you’re feeling the worst-day-ever blues. Bring a towel and a water bottle—it’s time to break a sweat.


Ladies, water aerobics is officially trendy. At WaterBiking Studio in Coral Gables, stationary bikes, treadmills and steppers are submerged in a large aqua-blue pool so that low-impact biking, circuit-training and boxing routines can be done in the water. There’s even pool-based Zumba. Pick a class, throw on your favorite suit and get ready to glisten (because sweating only happens on land, remember?).


Talk about some power. This Miami studio is the city’s first technology-driven boutique boxing studio. What that means is your heavy bag will personally track your unique “knockout score,” a number that represents your activity level during each 45-minute session. Oh, and expect to work your entire body—arms, core, back and legs—while you’re at it.


In addition to blasting calories, classes at this feel-good cycling studio will get your endorphins flowing with their never-ending positive energy. Swap a monitor that counts calories, distance and time for rhythm-based choreography that is sure to push your limits. And in every class, expect ten minutes dedicated to a killer arm workout with free weights, and one song where the instructor goes quiet to give you a few moments to yourself.


This powerhouse offers you a chance to run, cycle and tone hard. Think of it as a mixture of your favorite workout classes all in one. The plethora of calorie-blasting movements are all about power, so expect minutes of intense sweat with short rest intervals in between. And yes, stopping at My Ceviche for a fresh post-workout poke bowl is totally acceptable. You’ve earned it.

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